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I write professionally and recreationally. You can read some of my recreational work below:

Girl Band

After premiering at Tribeca in 2016, the short I co-wrote and co-directed with Kerry Furrh and Olivia Mitchell was bought for development at a TV network that you have probably heard of before but I will not mention by name because I don't know if I'm supposed to. Apparently being paid to write a TV pilot makes me a professional writer although my imposter syndrome tells me otherwise. 

Craigslist Katie

I created a character named Katie who uses seedy Craigslist posts to be an Internet vigilante. Read her adventures here (the password for the site is pitch)


I post occasional essays (about hamsters, politics, paradoxes, and anxiety -- those topics intersect beautifully, by the way) here

Not on the Internet

I would love to talk to you about my ideas for TV and movies if you are a human being with resources (and by resources I mean money).