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Better in the 90s: February 14th Edition

If I could live in the Consumer Value Store, I would. For the most part, this is not a hyperbolical statement. My truly absurd reliance on CVS (see I actually went through the effort of finding out what the letters stand for, I really do care), however, is the topic for another article and probably several sessions of counseling. That being said: there is about a five-week period (January 17th to February 14th) that I would take a vacation from living in my hypothetical CVS home. Like any blissfully single 19-year-old girl, I abhor Valentine’s Day with every fiber of my (50% cotton, 50% polyester) being. I did not grow up in this Hallmark card crazy, conversation heart loving, “Be My Valentine (or Else My Loneliness Is A Real Thing)” country. My memories of February 14th in America involve every single person in my kindergarten class getting every other kid a Valentine and the class parents (let’s be real, I’m being politically correct, they were class mothers) giving us cupcakes. Then I moved to Asia (where they have much cooler celebrations)… and there was no CVS! (But perhaps more relevant to this article: Valentine’s Day is not quite as big a deal there.)

2011 marked my first American Valentine’s Day in over a decade. It was a complete let down and not just because I am terminally single. Here, my fellow 90s babies, are reasons Valentine’s Day was way better before the new millennium.

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