I am one letter from having one of the most common names in America which has been a very formative part of my life.

I was born in North Carolina, raised in Asia, and moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California. I graduated with a degree in Film & Television Production and a minor in East Asian Languages & Cultures. I am not fluent in Japanese or Mandarin but probably speak enough to impress your parents. My non-entertainment industry life ambitions include adopting a dog, owning a quality coffee maker, and living in a place with a garage for my car only. A woman can dream. I'd also like to be a part of making movies that have people laughing and thinking, hopefully at the same time.

As you can see from the rest of this site, I am a video producer, writer, and director. I enjoy all three of those things in equal measure and love working with new people. Feel free to reach out to me at or to my company Nova Films at (yes that was my casual way of letting you know that I am a business owning woman).